Mobile Payment Solutions for Outdated Billing Practices

We're making it easier for business and customers to communicate and pay their bills one text at a time. With our financial technology, your business will be the customers top priority.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Give your customers the freedom to pay in a way that’s convenient to them…while lowering overhead for your company. Whether customers pay by card, check, or cash, our mobile payment solutions make billing simple, streamlined, and secure. BlytzPay uses the latest wallet technology to give your customers the flawless billing experience they deserve.


Customer Mobile Communication Management

Communication is key, and we’re simplifying it. BlytzPay allows you to reach your customers right in their pocket with quick and streamlined text communication. Whether you need to send an alert for bill payment or to tell them about the latest and greatest your company has to offer, BlytzPay’s customer communication management system allows merchants and customers to use the same two-way text communication they use with their family and friends.


Mobile Payment Security

Securing your customers’ information is our number one priority. BlytzPay uses the latest technology to protect and encrypt valuable customer payment data, ensuring their account info is never stored. Your mobile payments security is protected because we adhere to the federal TCPA laws and have earned PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, the top level in international security standards for handling payments from major credit cards. Plus, all transactions are SSL encrypted.


Mobile Payment System Integration

Do you have an existing billing platform? We play well with others. Our open API allows the integration of any existing software platform so you don’t have to change a thing. Don’t have an existing billing platform? BlytzPay can act as a standalone CRM and take your customer management to the next level. Mobile payment integration is convenient and easy. You and your staff will love your new BlytzPay dashboard, which gives you intuitive controls over-invoicing, communication, taking payments, and more.


How BlytzPay Works

The BlytzPay interface makes it easy for your customers to pay you. Getting a text makes you their priority. For the customer, it’s as simple as clicking the link in the text, entering a pin, selecting payment, and submitting payment. BlytzPay levels the paying field, making the process faster, easier, and more convenient for both you and your customer.

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