Encrypted Payment Data for Better Mobile Payment Security

Security of mobile payments is our highest goal. Our software is TCPA & PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant. We are also SSL encrypted. We make sure all information is safe and secure. TCPA is a US federal law over text messages and other commercial uses of telephones. PCI DSS refers to the global standards that protect consumers’ credit card transactions. PCI DSS Level 1 is the highest level of compliance with the most stringent requirements.

TCPA & PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance 

We have completed and met these high standards of security. We make sure that your company and your customer information is safe and secure.


Privacy is extremely important to you and your customers. That's why we meet and exceed all security protocols. This gives you the peace of mind to conveniently interact with your customers and take secure mobile payments.

SSL Encryption 

BlytzPay is SSL encrypted. SSL is the industry standard of encryption, which keeps all the data transferred between you and your customers private and secure.

Pin Code Secure 

Each payment requires customers to enter a secure pin to access their bills. This level of mobile payment security protects both you and your valued customers.

BlytzPay Security

Securing your customers’ information is our number one priority. BlytzPay ensures customer account information is never stored in order to protect their valuable payment data.

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to keep all the data transferred between you and your customers totally private. This encryption provides the best mobile payments security possible.

Peace of Mind

We make security our top priority, which gives your customer peace of mind. We protect you and your customers from mobile payment security threats using the latest technology.

Let us take care of the technology for mobile payment systems and associated security issues so you can just focus on your best customer service and the growth of your business.

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