Mobile and Text Payment Systems and Invoicing Services

SMS payment solutions put the power in your hands because your customers have a phone in theirs. Customers see text messages as a top priority in their lives, and they typically respond within 90 seconds. That makes your mobile invoicing a priority in their minds, and sending mobile payments is convenient for them.

Customer Convenience

Mobile invoicing software gets the bill to your customer quickly, easily, and efficiently. Mobile payment solutions give your business an edge in collections: customers send in mobile payments because they’re so easy. An SMS billing service simply makes sense.

Secures Bill Delivery

Want to make sure your customer makes their payment? A text message billing system makes sure the bill gets in front of your customer in the way they’re most likely to see it. That moves your bill right to the top of their mind.

Be the Payment Priority

Text messages are read in 5 seconds or less, on average. We almost can’t resist reading text messages. By the time your customer looks at a text to find out what it is, they’ve already read it! A mobile payment service puts you at the top of their to-do list.

90-Second Response Rate

The average person takes 90 seconds to respond to text message. Your customers will actually appreciate not needing to open paper statements or wait on the phone to pay a bill. An SMS payment system fits right into their busy lives.

Blytz Payments

Give your customers the freedom to pay in the way that makes sense to them, and cut some overhead for your company. Whether they pay by card, check, or cash, BlytzPay makes billing through text payment simple, streamlined, and secure. Our mobile payment solutions use the latest wallet technology to process payments, so leave it to us to handle securing the payment data and give your customers the flawless billing experience they deserve.

Blytz Mode™

Our Blytz Mode™ capability measures your success so you can make better, more informed business decisions. Learn about your customers in a whole new way with our robust reporting function, which gives you a better view of their interactions with customer service when they make a text payment, and more. Find out how well your mobile invoicing solutions are being used.

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