The Origin of BlytzPay: Payment Solutions for Better Billing3 min read

By January 17, 2018Uncategorized

So, I’ve received multiple emails and LinkedIn messages on my most recent project.  It’s been interesting reflecting on how my career has led up to this point and all the opportunity around me.  This incredible venture is happening quickly, it’s powerful, it’s meaningful, and it’s impactful.  It’s Blytz.

You’ve seen a bit, you’ve heard me talk about it, but now that the baby I call Blytz is taking shape, I want to address it in a more formal way.  I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who see the vision.  I offer my gratitude to those who have supported my undaunted (sometimes a little obsessive) passion for this project.

In a nutshell, Blytz is a convenient payment platform that allows companies to engage their customers on a personal basis, utilizing the latest mobile technology.  The Blytz SaaS (Software As A Service) simplifies an outdated bill pay structure, securely allowing customers to click and pay via SMS interaction.  No paper mailing a check, no logins, no app, just text, click and pay

This is my Jerry McGuire vision statement moment.  This is the heart stuff, the stuff that matters, the why behind this business.

Early on, I experienced what it was like to defend those who needed help, distressed people, and folks trying to make ends meet.  I built a career in a pressure cooker, dealing with debt settlement, loan modifications, foreclosures, credit repair, and student loan consolidation.  The list is too long to give reasons or explain how so many we know and associate with got in this position, but they did, and they needed a way out.

It was tough to see, it was few and far between distressed consumers position or recognized that lives were behind the labels.  People were scared, overwhelmed, and too often felt hopeless.  How were they to re-establish their lives when dignity is lost?

Wanting to do better, to provide options, and elevate the level of respect to those trying to move forward, I realized the need to approach every customer in a way that feels personal.  Everyone has a phone.  And by employing smart technology we can afford businesses the ability to offer their customers a simple way to pay their bills – no form letters, annoying calls to sales people or bored customer service reps.

We’ve created a way for companies to have a personal relationship with their customers and respect their time.  A private text comes in, and you pay the way you want.  Cash, card, or debit – it’s your call. Just like a trip to the grocery store where your standing across from a clerk you can engage with or ask questions to.  From utility bills to lunch money for kids, Blytz is the way to pay today.

Blytz lets companies engage with their customer in a way that is incredibly automated but feels especially personal.  The benefits for companies are enormous, but the creation and purpose of Blytz is really about the consumer.  The motive and drive I have for this service is about the people.  It’s about SPEED, SECURITY and SATISFACTION for companies to proactively communicate, and customers to manage their responsibilities.

I look forward to documenting Blytz’s launch and the forward thinking companies who want to elevate their offerings for each of their valuable customers.  Check back on the Blytz blog and follow along on Instagram @blytzpay.  Thanks for all your support and taking the time to engage in my current venture.  Here we go…