Reach Your Customers Wherever with Text Messaging Mobile Payments

People of all ages check their phones an average of 47 times a day. Texting your customers with BlytzPay gives you an edge in payment collections, marketing, and customer communication.


Putting a bill in text form makes that bill the priority. Plus, it’s convenient for customers who use their phones all the time.


Using Blytz for communication helps our customers know about all of your business’s sales and promotions. Most customers don’t know everything that you do, even offers that are relevant to them. They would appreciate hearing about it—especially if it’s a great deal!

BlytzPay mobile texting interaction.


Whether it's a reminder text, payment, or sending a happy birthday text, BlytzPay’s customer communication solutions make it easy to communicate with your customers—as easy as the texting we all use in our everyday lives. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Customers Prefer Messaging

9 out of 10 consumers prefer business interactions via text messaging. That's 209% higher than their desire for phone calls and emails. If you want effective customer communication, you need to use the communication channel that your customers pay attention to: texting!

BlytzPay Messaging

Communication is key, and we’re simplifying it. BlytzPay allows you to reach your customers right in their pocket through quick and streamlined text communication. BlytzPay’s customer communication systems give you solutions that are easy and safe to use.

Communication Made Easy.

Whether you need to send an alert for bill payment or tell your customers about the latest and greatest your company has to offer, BlytzPay allows merchants and customers to use the same two-way text communication you use with your family and friends.

Customer communication management (CCM) is extremely important. Your relationships with your customers start with communication and are sustained by communication. So use the method of communication that customers pay attention to.

Let’s Talk.

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