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Blytz Illustrates Bill Pay Technology With Playful Portrayal Of Service

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – Blytz, a financial technology startup is releasing a video synopsis of their mobile bill pay service. The video allows the company to represent their business while highlighting one of the many applicable industries – utilities. The Blytz bill pay technology is poised to amplify the mobile payment market since the number of users will reach 150 million by the year 2020, generating $503 billion in mobile payment volume.

“For our first video, we really wanted to create a relatable narrative for everyone, showcasing just how easy using Blytz makes bill pay for any company’s customer base,” said Robyn Burkinshaw, Blytz CEO. “Part of our advantage is a response to the growing underbanked and unbanked populations as a practical alternative service.”

The brand video showcases the ease of Blitz’s business offering with a fun juxtaposition of traditional online, paper, or phone payments. Paying any bill should be as easy as text, pay, done. Growth is imminent with thirty percent of Americans paying bills via their mobile device.

“Blytz generates immediate action via a personal, convenient SMS interaction exactly where they are – on their mobile device,” said Burkinshaw. “You have an opportunity to build a relationship in a way they appreciate and value.”

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About Blytz
Blytz is a convenient payment platform allowing companies to directly interact with their customers utilizing the latest mobile technology. The Blytz SaaS (Software As A Service) simplifies an outdated bill pay structure, allowing customers to click and pay via SMS interaction. Text. Pay. Done. The wallet technology without the app is an instantaneous way to engender consumer approval and engagement. For more information, visit