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Blytz® Uses SMS To Create Financial Inclusion And Progressive Convenience For Companies

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More Utah FinTech From Silicon Slopes Utilizing SAAS Business Model

Lehi, UT, Tuesday, October 30, 2018 – Rising out of the abundant technology array in Utah, Blytz Pay disrupts current customer communication by providing individual consideration in bill pay via text messaging.  Blytz is a natural progression as routine bill pay has advanced beyond paper statements, email reminders, and web logins. Blytz Pay is a financial exchange model for instant, real-time payments.   

Led by CEO and Founder, Robyn Burkinshaw, BlytzPay connects all consumer groups with convenient financial technology across industries such as insurance, student loans, utilities, and housing. Blytz provides affordable finance alternatives to disadvantaged and low-income groups who, like unbanked/underbanked, may have little to no access to mainstream financial services.  

“Blytz gives companies the opportunity to acknowledge their customers personally as they offer nimble ability to pay anything from utilities, car payments, mortgage, and student loans, to school lunch,” said Burkinshaw.  “We will empower many companies in creating a personal interaction before a transaction. That is exceptional customer service that engenders trust and value.”

The Blytz service is about versatility for anyone, with cash payment one month, Visa the next, ACH the next – customers can change their payment type of the fly, securely inside their mobile device without a costly phone call to a customer service agent or a cumbersome trip to a site that requires yet another username and password.

Leveraging APIs to create a connected network of financial institutions for the customer, Blytz is establishing speed, security, and satisfaction for any service collection.  This Blytz benefit is approaching people exactly where they are – their mobile device. Consumers across the US are paying $3.9 trillion in over 14.7 billion bills annually*.  

“Given the fact that the average text message is read within 60 seconds of receipt, Blytz is poised to transform payment processing across numerous industries,” said Robyn Burkinshaw.  “Our innovation is an ingenious service add, replacing merchant processing, marketing software, and auto dialers. Blytz is now.”

About Blytz

Blytz is a convenient payment platform allowing companies to directly interact with their customers utilizing the latest mobile technology.  The Blytz SaaS (Software As A Service) simplifies an outmoded bill pay structure, allowing customers to click and pay via SMS interaction. Text. Pay. Done. The wallet is an instantaneous way to engender consumer approval and engagement. For more information, visit

Relevant info:

Student Debt (44 million borrowers with $1.3 trillion in debt)

Insurance:  Avg. American 10,000/year

Utilities:  7% of annual income

Revolving Credit:  Current outstanding US debt $9992.4 billion


Test messages have a 99% open rate

95% of text messages are read between three minutes

78% of consumers wish they could text businesses

Using Mobile Technology to Promote Financial Inclusion

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By:  Jason Fletcher

As we approach the halfway point of the year 2018, we can look back at the growth of mobile technology in the last couple of years, especially in the financial services industries, and look forward to the newest innovations that are changing the way we manage our money. These innovations are exactly what led me to join Blytz as the new Chief Information Officer.

One such exciting innovation is mobile payments, which allow payment of bills for products and services using a mobile phone. Traditionally, these conveniences have been available only to those with a bank account, however, financial technology companies, like Blytz, have been pushing to extend these services to the unbanked and underbanked. It’s these emerging populations that need financial solutions more than any other economic group.

According to a survey conducted by the FDIC in 2016, 1 in 4 households in the United States are considered unbanked or underbanked. This means that they have little or no access to traditional banking services that the other 75% of the country take for granted. These include services like savings accounts, checking accounts and even credit cards and debit cards. This limits their ability to participate in the economy that is moving increasingly online.  My partner, and Blytz  CEO, Robyn Burkinshaw referenced this earlier on our blog as an impetus in creating Blytz.

These groups often seek alternative methods of “banking”, such as pre-paid debit cards, money grams and cash. These alternative banking methods often come at a higher price tag due to fees attached to many of the services, such as loading a pre-paid debit card or checking the balance at an ATM. These fees add up and put additional strain on what may already be a precarious financial situation. Blytz is a way to alleviate some of that strain.

We spoke to one car dealership that told us that 82% of the payments made to their dealership for cars purchased were made in cash. Can you imagine driving to the car dealership once, or even twice, a month to pay the bill in cash if you have moved further from the dealership? This could present a financial strain just in fuel costs alone.

To wrap my thoughts, Financial Inclusion is viewed as one of the most important factors in reducing poverty, and new technologies are coming into the market to address the ever-increasing gap between the underbanked and the services and products they need.

Blytz is one of these technologies, and our ability to provide financial inclusion is one of the primary reasons I am so pleased to be part of the company. By providing a mobile platform that incorporates multiple payment options and a two-way communication to their merchants, Blytz helps provide control over their finances, convenience and security that haven’t been available before for this segment of the financial market. Thanks for the read and inclusion for all via Blytz!

#Momfail – The Chaos of Managing Bills and Time Saving Tips for Moms

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Let me paint you a typical bill pay picture of a busy mother. This story sounds really inconvenient, but all the less, its typical of the $4 trillion* US consumers pay in bills.  It’s 12:15 PM on a weekday and I have three minutes before the bus comes to take my triplets to afternoon Kindergarten. Instead of walking them to the bus stop, I’m searching for the checkbook because I found the power bill between the minivan seats (along with petrified fries), and tore it open to find out its two days past-due. (sidebar – I’m not alone – More than 25% of US adults don’t pay their bills on time – NFCC

I spot the checkbook hiding under the coloring books as I yell for my kids to run down the street to catch the bus.  I grab the checkbook and jump in the minivan because I’ve got to make it to a 1:00 PM meeting with a client. As I’m driving, I tell myself I need to figure out a better way to manage my bills.

Confession, I haven’t downloaded the multiple bill pay apps, because my kids’ entertainment seems to get all the space on my phone. Apparently Millennials are better at that stuff. Gen X Forever!

Here’s where the story gets real good… After scribbling the necessary details on the check, I notice I didn’t match the statement amount. Classic. (Sidebar – Props to Rocky Mountain Power for the reusable envelope that I didn’t tear)

Moving on, I roar the Chrysler Town & Country down to the community mailbox and reach in the wallet for the archaic stamp. Not one can be found. What? A book of 20 stamps I only use to pay bills are all gone?!  Luckily for once, I have gas in the car so I can make a detour to the very smoothly run (note sarcasm) Post Office. As I enter, I quickly realize it isn’t going to be a quick stop.  Shocker.  The line is outrageous because 777 million people still use the mail for bills.*

With no regard for my obvious haste, the postal worker takes his time laying out all of the stamp design options for me to choose from.  It’s April, but Christmas stamps it is – I gotta go! I put the power bill in a crumpled envelope, along with a barely legible check, and shove it in the mail slot.

Hopefully the incorrect return address I forgot to change and the outdated address on my check doesn’t cause too much confusion. Fingers crossed the postal agents and utility employees will sort things out and the processing of my payment won’t be quite as delayed as my now-postponed lunch meeting.

Meanwhile the one time this week I get to wear a chic dress and heels, they’re now maimed by my sweaty stress and unnecessary road trip.   But, here’s the silver lining – lights will stay on people. As I’m rushing to my meeting, it occurs to me how silly the last hour was for a power bill.  To add to the hilarity, the client I’m on my way to meet is BlytzPay: a simple, secure, streamlined way to pay bills.  With BlytzPay, kids don’t have to be yelled at, the house doesn’t have to be ransacked, traffic laws are respected, and post office lines can be fully avoided.

I know I’m not alone in having these kinds of moments, so I’ve become a bit more passionate about sharing the Blytz story.   It’s exciting to see Blytz Pay’s customer list grow each day leading to their launch. BlytzPay is getting the attention of utility companies, consumer finance, government, healthcare, and education.  BlytzPay early adopters are incredibly savvy.  So here’s hoping my billers get BlytzPay!  Now back to regularly scheduled chaos.

Momma out!