Meet The Executive Team at BlytzPay

Our Manifesto

We’re here to level the paying field. By combining world-class customer service and innovative technology, we help each merchant and customer feel respected, connected, and valued by empowering them with the latest mobile technology.





Years Experience



The Executives

The executives at BlytzPay each bringing with them a vast knowledge of industry best practices and years of experience. Giving BlytzPay a bright lucrative future.

Robyn Burkinshaw


Robyn is a FinTech Executive driven by simple connections. Beginning her career in various aspects of distressed asset management, Robyn understands the challenges industry business’ face operating from collection, to customer engagement and maintenance.

Blytz is a culmination of Robyn’s acumen in merchant processing and pay relations. Blytz is a Point of Sale experience right on a consumer’s mobile device. The technology unites convenience, simplicity, and control, allowing every consumer’s time to be respected and valued.

Robyn will see Blytz become THE powerhouse in SMS payment platform as they adhere to a simple, streamlined, and secure invoice & collection experience for every client. It’s imperative for Robyn and her team to keep the focus on who they’re serving – individual people.